Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tango dance

First time I saw it in the movie "the scent of a women". I was so much influenced by its music. It was like what I have been looking for since my whole life. It is one of the best dance. Although I never danced but I will surely learn it. This is some info regarding Tango if you like it too.

Tango is a dance that has influences from European and African culture.Dances from the candombe ceremonies of former slave peoples helped shape the modern day Tango. The dance originated in lower-class districts of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. The music derived from the fusion of various forms of music from Europe.The word "tango" seems to have first been used in connection with the dance in the 1890s. Initially it was just one of the many dances, but it soon became popular throughout society, as theatres and street barrel organs spread it from the suburbs to the working-class slums, which were packed with hundreds of thousands of European immigrants, primarily Italians, Spanish and French. (Source - Wikipedia)

Here are list of some songs that you can look for :
  1. Libertango
  2. Santa Maria by Project Gotan

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